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Ajman university offers first aid courses for families

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    PVC or Aluminum Tents are the core of our business. They have emerged as the preferred structure choice for world class events. Their popularity stems from the fact that they provide a clear, clean, open space for events and are completely free of interior supports and exterior guy ropes.


    The company uses a tube which is specialist for tent steel frame. We install the best quality of goat hair without any connections by using a German Machine and it’s cured of smell a layer of PVC provide water proofing, fire resistant.


    Revolution tent has revalorized the Tent Industry. It can be used for larger span and custom design rather than the primitive frame and cable mess. This revolution is appealing and can cover any area and it is ideal for functions, marriage hall, exhibition, play area and warehouses.

  • Shade

    Fabric Structure provides wide span Enclosures of Great Spatial Interest and Variety, Require Minimum Supporting Elements and Provide Very Good Overall Levels of Natural Daylight.
    We Have Categorized in to 6 Different Categories:

  • Tensile Shade

    BAN Group is proud to offer our distinctive collection of per-engineered Shade Structures and Sculptures for your consideration. Tensile Sculpture is a visually pleasing and efficient solution to many environmental and aesthetic challenges. If you can see this art in one your projects, we would like to talk with you.

  • Smart Shade

    •  Aluminum Profile Structure.
    •  Hot Dipped Galvanized accessories.
    •  Pallet Foundation Concrete
    •  Concrete

  • Space Frame

    Space frame systems are three-dimensional structures which are constructed by connecting straight tubular struts to each other’s with the use of solid spherical hubs. These systems carry loads by axial forces. The conic parts are welded to the strut edges and the struts connecting by spherical hubs.

  • Building Facade

    The Architect Solution to innovate design for building facade, as a medium for advertisement, without altering the present facade of the building. STAMISOL is a product of Ferrari, a leading fabric supplier from france. This material has already established its stand in European Market, as on of the major competitors in the field of Building Facade design.

  • Wooden Swimming Pool

    Wooden Swimming Pool is delivered as a complete package, with everything needed to make your dream a reality. All you need to do is lay a base (Concrete recommended) put up your swimming pool and fill with water – nothing could be more simple.