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Ramadan tent in dubai

14 Jan

Ramadan tent in Dubai – manufacturer & available for rental

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Dubai is a city with all celebrations . Bait Al Nokhada – Biggest Ramadan tent manufacturer in UAE is going to setup many Ramadan tents in Dubai for hotels, restaurants & individuals at different locations.

ramadan tent

ramadan tent in dubai by bait al nokhada

Our Ramadan tent gives an authentic Arabic iftar experience and comes with all required accessories & interiors .

We are offering Ramadan tent with its own unique design with a size of 10m, 15m, 20m and 30m, 40m, 60m span width. This series uses modular-combination design which allows the tent length to be adjusted in 5m bays, and there is no limits for the length.

Our Tents are highly strong and lightweight, easy to install and can be easily shaped, welded and joined in a variety of stylish tents architectures. It is also durable with resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion.

Optional accessories include:

  1. Lighting.
  2. Audio equipment
  3. Air conditioning system
  4. All types of tables and chairs
  5. Stage
  6. Mobile toilets
  7. All types of flooring system
  8. Glass doors, glass wall and ABS hard wall, sandwich wall
  9. Full clear covers and sidewalls, clear PVC windows;
  10. Rain gutter, drain pipe;
  11. Decorative roof and wall lining, inside curtains, etc.


►For inquiry: +971-557870308
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Available at: Abu Dhabi | Dubai | Sharjah | Al Ain.
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Tensile Shade Structure – Benefits

11 Nov

Tensile Shade structures is an innovative creation by architects with some great benefits. Read all here :

Tensile shade manufacturer in Dubai & Abudhabi : Baitalnokhada tents & fabric shades LLC


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1. Reasonable – Economic Benefit

To cover a significant space at your place. Tensile structure with long-lasting pvc material requires less construction & minimal structural support compared to old traditional style of construction. This less construction reduces cost without sacrificing quality and durability.

(Tensile shade designs of baitalnokhada :

2. More durability with less maintenance

By using high quality of PVC membrane & high strength in tensile structure. Anyone can get a durability of years with less maintenance.

The translucency of the fabric canopies produces a soft, diffused light during the daytime, which reduces the cost of lighting spaces.

(see our products here : )

3. Exciting designs & creativity

Tensile structure can add a special benefit to art construction with an ease of experiments with shade, size & form of tensile structure to make a signature construction.


That’s why every construction designer, Architect love to work on tensile structure to make something unique and attractive.

With more option of Up-lighting with LED lights can make a design more beautiful.

Car parking shades in Dubai -

4. Sustainability Benefit

Apart from unique design and construction vernacular, sustainability is an essential element of all new built structures.  Tensioned membrane structures help to increase LEED energy performance by reducing electric usage.  A tensile facade can create a building covering that blocks heat-inducing UV rays, so cooling costs drop dramatically.  Tensile fabric canopies allow substantial natural daylight, so daytime lighting costs become minimal.  Additionally, the lightweight, advanced materials result in the need for less steel, which makes the project more environmentally sensitive.

Bait Al Nokhada Company profile – we also manufacture car parking shades for hospitals:


Get a unique design of tensile structure for Your Project

Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades LLC is specialized in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of all kinds of Tensile Structures with unique & attractive design with high quality and warranty of up to 15 years. We have done many projects for Government, Commercial & Residential properties.

Now, Contact below for a unique design of tensile structure:


Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades LLC

+971-557870308 /

Abu Dhabi | Dubai | Sharjah | Al Ain.

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