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Tensile shade structure also known as Tensioned fabric structure are considered as the architecture of new generation,offers the best solution for many of your requirements in fabric shade structures. It is a pre-engineered fabric membrane structure ready to install as per the needs. Tensile shade structures provide shades as well as a visually pleasing and efficient solution for many environmental and aesthetic challenges. Apart from providing protection from sun and ultra violet rays, tensile shade structures are environment friendly and satisfy your needs for green design concept. Tensile fabric shade designs are suitable for indoor and outdoor shades and can be well collaborated to any architectures, landscaping, commercial, industrial, residential, and cultural buildings.

Tensile shade structures are ideal for Stadiums, Sports facilities, Exhibition halls, Business centers, Concert halls, Shade roofs of the entrance of hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Commercial buildings, Shopping malls, Airport roofs, Bus stations, Train stations, Car parking, Gas stations, etc. Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades is the leading manufacturer of Tensile shade structures in UAE. For more details about Tensile shade structures, email to info@baitalnokhada.com  or submit inquiry online.


tensile shade structure

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