Tensile Shade Structure – Benefits

Tensile Shade structures is an innovative creation by architects with some great benefits. Read all here :

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1. Reasonable – Economic Benefit

To cover a significant space at your place. Tensile structure with long-lasting pvc material requires less construction & minimal structural support compared to old traditional style of construction. This less construction reduces cost without sacrificing quality and durability.

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2. More durability with less maintenance

By using high quality of PVC membrane & high strength in tensile structure. Anyone can get a durability of years with less maintenance.

The translucency of the fabric canopies produces a soft, diffused light during the daytime, which reduces the cost of lighting spaces.

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3. Exciting designs & creativity

Tensile structure can add a special benefit to art construction with an ease of experiments with shade, size & form of tensile structure to make a signature construction.


That’s why every construction designer, Architect love to work on tensile structure to make something unique and attractive.

With more option of Up-lighting with LED lights can make a design more beautiful.

Car parking shades in Dubai – http://www.baitalnokhada.com/blog/tag/car-parking-shades

4. Sustainability Benefit

Apart from unique design and construction vernacular, sustainability is an essential element of all new built structures.  Tensioned membrane structures help to increase LEED energy performance by reducing electric usage.  A tensile facade can create a building covering that blocks heat-inducing UV rays, so cooling costs drop dramatically.  Tensile fabric canopies allow substantial natural daylight, so daytime lighting costs become minimal.  Additionally, the lightweight, advanced materials result in the need for less steel, which makes the project more environmentally sensitive.

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Get a unique design of tensile structure for Your Project

Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades LLC is specialized in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of all kinds of Tensile Structures with unique & attractive design with high quality and warranty of up to 15 years. We have done many projects for Government, Commercial & Residential properties.

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Latest car parking shade designs | Arch design | Single pole design

Latest car parking shade designs available in UAE. Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades operates  from a modern industrial factory unit in Abu Dhabi, using the latest technology and highly sophisticated machineries for the design, manufacture and erection of the latest car parking shade designs and structures. Specialized in manufacturing   various  types  of car parking shade structures like Arch design, Bottom support design, Cone single pole design, Pyramid design, Single pole design,etc. We firmly follow a policy of adapting and integrating new technologies, expertise and know- how with oriental art and flavor enabling us to attain ever improving products.


Arch Design: The best car parking shade design you ever have. Arch design is the contemporary design in car parking shade structure. This design will blend with any architectural structures or buildings. This is the ideal car parking shade for residential buildings and commercial establishments.For more details http://www.baitalnokhada.com/products/details/14/  

Bottom Support Design: Bottom support is the simple and the classic design in car parking shade structures, fits to the budget. These shades are suitable for large residential and industrial parking areas.For more details http://www.baitalnokhada.com/products/details/15/

Cone Single Pole design: Offers the most modern look for car parking shade structures. It is widely accepted for its design and a choice for single or multiple parking needs. Ideal  for  small and restricted areas. For more details http://www.baitalnokhada.com/products/details/16/

Pyramid Design: Pyramid design car parking shade structures are commonly accepted for its unique design. These shades are suitable for parks, open area car parking, residential area, etc. For more details http://www.baitalnokhada.com/products/details/19/

Single Pole Double Layer Design: Unique and aesthetically pleasing look blend with any architectural designs. Ideal for villas, commercial centers, etc. For more details http://www.baitalnokhada.com/products/details/22/ 

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Recent Tensile Shade Projects-Abu Dhabi | Bait Al Nokhada

Recent Tensile Shade Projects-Abu Dhabi 

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Abu Dhabi Airport Shades | Recent Project of Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades

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Tensile shades | Indoor shades | Outdoor Shades

Tensile shades are also known as Tension shades, provides the best solution for many of your requirements in shade structures. It is a pre-engineered fabric membrane structure ready to install as per the needs. Tensile shades are considered as the architecture of new generation and the usage of these shade structures are increasing day by day. They provide shades as well as a visually pleasing and efficient solution for many environmental and aesthetic challenges.  Apart from providing protection from sun and ultra violet rays, tensile shades are environment friendly and satisfy your needs for green design concept. These shade designs are suitable for indoor and outdoor and can be well collaborated to any architectures, landscaping, commercial, industrial, residential, and cultural buildings. Tensile shades are ideal for Stadiums, sports facilities, exhibition halls, business centers, concert halls, Shade roofs of the entrance of hotels, restaurants, cafes, commercial buildings, shopping malls, Airport roofs, bus stations, train stations, car parking, gas stations, etc.

Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades LLC is the leading manufacturer of Tensile shade structures in UAE.


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