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Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shade LLC offers complete solution for all your requirements in Tents and Event Halls. We provide custom-made Traditional  Arabic tents, Sadu Tents, Ramadan Tents, Aluminum Tents, Event Tents, Banquet Tents, Relief Tents, Camping Tents, Mobile Tents, and all kinds of PVC Tents.

We manufacture and installs various types of tents with different size, designs and shapes also you can select or customize interiors, lightings and furnitures  of your choice to make your function or event a unique and memorable one. You can also choose the colour or look that you want to incorporate in your event and even acquire professional assistance in deciding the kind of preparations that you will have to make. Our expert team will be on site for the construction and  ensure that, it meets all requirements.


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Email: emarketing@baitalnokhada.com

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