Car Parking Shades in Dubai – Benefits

Car Parking Shades in Dubai – Benefits 

Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shads LLC is a leading tent and car parking shades manufacturer in UAE.

Our belief in quality and durability has been awarded as customer’s satisfaction with our products.

We have manufactured car parking shades for many places like parking areas of shopping malls, retail outlets, industries, schools, government offices, army areas, residential apartments and much more.



Benefits of Car Parking Shades

Car parking shades in Dubai –


1. Weather protection.  High-quality parking shade provides an effective protection to your car under all-weathers like rains, summers & wind dust.

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2. Keep cool & Save Energy: Protection from direct sunlight reduce the heat inside the car and keep it cool to save energy of the car to produce the cool air.

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3. Security & Safety:  It provides a complete safety to a car with some advance security systems installed in the parking shades like lights for night and camera to keep an eye on your expensive cars.

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4. Save from Harmful UV Rays – During summer and high temperature. The direct sunlight can’t reach to your car so that harmful UV rays can’t damage the color of the car as well as a dashboard of the car.

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5. Guest Comfort Level: When a customer parks his/ her car under parking shade. It could be a comfort for them during summers and rainy time.

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6. Low-Maintenance and Long-Lasting – compared to a solid construction, PVC car parking shades involves low cost & maintenance

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Tent Buying Guide

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“Buying a tent ” it can be a fun and inexpensive getaway for anyone who loves the great outdoors. CHOICE regularly tests tents for water resistance, ease of assembly and comfort, so we can tell you exactly what to look for when you’re shopping for a tent of your own.


Buy from a genuine company

When you are allowing your pocket to spend on a tent. Then it’s always suggested that you buy a tent from a genuine company that has enough experience and quality focused to ensure the life and comfort stay in the tent.

The company should have:

  • 10+ years’ experience
  • Dealing in quality products
  • Have a well-known client database.
  • Transparent in payment (NO HIDDEN CHARGES)

(Famous tent manufacturer in uae : )


Enough space

Space requirement should be judged correctly. We can keep some below points in our mind to judge the required size of the tent or any tensile structure.

Points to think about the size of a tent:

  • How many members will stay
  • What accessories will be installed in the tent
  • How much furniture required.


Types of tent available –



You can judge your weather before buying the tent. Whether it’s a rainy, summer or cold so that tent manufacturer can give the best solution available as per the weather at your place.

Your tent should have the following weather adaptation in it.

1) No leak in rainy time.

2) Good ventilation

3) How strong in wind time


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Other things to consider?


If you’re buying a larger tent, you should consider the style of the tent.

Door / Windows

The size of Door & Windows is essential to have a good ventilation.

Power cord access

If you’ll be using electricity (say, for a light), cord access is needed.

Hook / Internal pockets

Your tent should have internal pockets to put some small items in it. Also, should have ceiling hook to hang it from.

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