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Arabian Tent is the Traditional Tent in UAE, it combines the styles of Arab’s glorious past and advanced future. Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric shades LLC, Abu Dhabi is the leader in Tents and shades industry in the middle east and the pioneer in the construction of Traditional Arabian Tents  with traditional interior decorations. Bait Al Nokhada has the best designs and decor which is totally different from other companies, has special decor and lighting types and wood works which presented with high quality spanish cloth and traditional cloth Sadu which satisfy the client’s taste. Traditional Arabian Tents are custom made to order and the customers have the option to customize their tent including customizing the tent size, interior colors, decoration, furnitures, carpets, designs, and shape. Apart from traditional interiors and fittings, we also provide modern luxury fittings and interiors for these tents as per the client’s choice. We make different types of ArabianTents such as Royal, VIP and Bedouin Tents.


Arabic tent

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