Car Parking Shade Structures

We manufacture and  installs various types  of Car Parking Shade structures  in UAE and the middle east. We use premium quality materials, and our car parking shade structures are available for competitive prices. Various customized designs are available with us to suit the specific requirements of the customers. Car parking shade structures are designed to offer maximum protection, aesthetic look and it is environment friendly.

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Car parking shade structure designs

Arch design Car parking shade: It is the contemporary design in car parking shades. This design will blend with any architectural structures or buildings. This is the ideal car parking for residential buildings or commercial establishments.

Bottom support design: The simple design car parking shade fits to the budget. These shade structure is suitable for large residential and industrial parking areas.

Cone single pole design: Offers the most modern look for car parking shades. It is widely accepted for its design and is a choice for single or multiple parking needs.

K-Span Shade: Suitable for any climatic conditions. It can be erected easily and quickly.

Pyramid arch design:  It is very unique for its shape. It is a good choice for the Car parking shade ,especially for large independent villas.

Pyramid design: It is commonly accepted for its unique design .  This shade structure is suitable for parks, open area car parking, residential area, etc

Sail shade: The best option in parking shades for larger area. It is ideal for large parking grounds, large commercial area , residential area, festival centres, etc.

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