Traditional Ramadan Tents for sale and rental in UAE

Setting up a Ramadan tent is an integral part of the Arab tradition. During the holy month of Ramadan, many individuals and organisations in the country erect Ramadan tents for social gathering  and for iftar parties. People set up these tents in open spaces as well as in the entrance of their houses to receive guests and offer them Ramadan meals, also conduct religious and social activities during the holy month.

Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric shade LLC is one of the largest supplier of specially made Traditional Ramadan Tents in UAE. We install Ramadan tents with interior decorations, lightings, carpets  and furnitures  as per the requirements of the clients.

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Bait Al Nokhada is one of the largest Tent and Event Halls manufacturing company based at Abu Dhabi ,UAE. We are specialized  in all types of Tents and Event Halls, such as Arabian, Ramadan, PVC/Aluminum,Wedding Halls, Exhibition Halls, etc….in short Bait Al Nokhada is the one stop solution for all your needs in Tents and Event  Halls. We have a wide range of structures to choose from, with guaranteed quality and comfort for all your needs. 

We also provide a complete range of decor and supplementary services for all occasions, transforming your Event Hall into a beautiful setting, and ensuring your event is a unique and successful experience.

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Feel Ramadan In Our Tents :  Ramadan is regarded as the holiest month of the Islamic calendar and lasts between 29 and 30 days. The Ramadan tents(Majlis) are venues erected during the Holy month of Ramadan. They provide a place for people to meet after sunset when the daily fast is broken together with friends and family. People may eat, drink tea, and smoke a Shisha. Bait Al Nokhada is a leading provider and specialized in making Customized Ramadan Majlis. We manufacture wide ranges of Ramadan Majlis  with spectacular designs  and interiors as per our client’s requirements. Our Ramadan Majlis captures the true spirit of the season with its contemporary setting and relaxed atmosphere.

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Arabic Tents | Bedouin Tents | Sadu Tents | Bait Al Nokhada Tents: Bedouin is the anglicization of the Arabic term “bedu”. Bedouin communities are found in the arid steppe climatic regions of Arabia and North Africa. Bedouin communities  have traditionally lived in tents known as “buryuut hajar” also known as “beit al-sha’r” means house of hair. Bedouin tent also known as Arabic Tents has been a dwelling-place for Bedouins since the dawn of history. Varying geographical features and differences in the culture of its dwellers may have altered its design, but its essential qualities are unchanged.  These tents are woven from the hair of sheep and goats, and their design is originated  from in Mesopotamian culture. The animal hair is woven into strips of coarse cloth known as “fala’if” which are then sewn together. The natural color is retained; mainly black goat’s hair with occasional addition of sheep’s wool which gives the tent a streaked brown-black appearance. Traditional Bedouin Tent is the remnants of their rich and ancient traditions, and is an unavoidable part of bedouian culture and living.

 Courtesy: articles and informations on bedouin culture published by various authors.

These permanent tents with Arabic type as a  Hospitality Majlis, are installed in the houses courtyards, gardens, and in the courtyards of recreational areas. 

Arabic tents are custom made to order and the customers have the option to customize their tent including customizing the tent size, interior colors, decoration, furnitures, carpets, designs, and shape. 

Bait Al Nokhada-The leader in Tents & Shades Industry since 1997

Bait Al Nokhada Tents & fabric shade LLC, Abu Dhabi is specialized in the construction of traditional and customized Arabic tents as per the requirement of the customers. We are the leader in the industry since 1997, and appreciated by our clients for incorporating the modern luxury facilities and fittings like aircondition, refrigerator, wardrobes, furniture, modern lighting, television, built in kitchen, bathroom fittings, etc as per the client’s choice. We make different types of Arabic tents such as Royal, VIP and Bedouin Tents . 

Arabic Tent’s specifications:

  • Spanish Sadu, Hidden illumination, German water insulator, Elite Saudi/German Fabric (Hair)
  • US or Italian Liner
  • Sliding door as per demand
  • Air-conditioner slot as required
  • Tube emerged around the tent
  • Visible lighting as per order
  • Base Height as per order

Sadu Tents can be placed in any location – Swimming Pools Area, Parks, Hotels and Corporate Entrances, House Gardens, Commercial Centers,  Automotive Exhibitions, Conferences Halls. 

We will satisfy all your needs and it will equip and furnish these Arabic and Sadu tents with: Fancy Wooden Floors, Installation of all electrical supplies, Provide the external doors with umbrellas, Chimneys in all shapes and sizes, External air conditioners, Internal air conditioners ,Outdoor lighting for entrances, Internal decorations and Internal illumination in the roof, etc.

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