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Smart shade structure is the latest in fabric shades. Smart Shade structures are suitable for all the requirements in shades. Multipurpose usage and benefits of smart shades are the main reason for its wide acceptance. Smart shades are pre-engineered fabric shade structures designed for quick installation and it is easily relocatable, fully recyclable, easy to replace the parts and accessories.

Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades is the leading manufacturer and installer of Smart shade structures in UAE. We Provides  wide range of Smart shade structures with innovative designs suitable for domestic  and commercial needs. Smart shades are ideal for car parking shades, reception area, outdoor and indoor shades, swimming pool shades, waiting area, cafeteria, etc.

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Wooden pools for home and garden

Enjoy your special times with your family and friends in eco friendly home wooden pools. Wooden pools are stylish, ecological, economical  and easy to install. Installing a wooden pool in your home or garden will be an add on to your quality of life. Apart from enjoyment, swimming is one of the best way  of exercise with lots of health benefits. Swimming also releases your stress.

Bait Al Nokhada is the leading manufacturer and installer of wooden pools in UAE. Bait Al Nokhada’s  wooden pools  brings the concept of beauty and functionality together with quality. We provide wooden pools as a complete package with everything needed to make your dream a reality. You would be surprised how little a complete package is…!!  All you need to do is to lay a base (Concrete recommended) put up your wooden pool and fill with water. Nothing could be more simple, or employ one of our installation team to build the pool for you. We can construct the concrete base for an above ground application. Wooden pools are made from a combination of ecologically safe, preservative treated scandinavian redwood for the walls, and textured hard wood for the top shelf.

Benefits of wooden pools : Easy to install any where – Back Garden, On the roof or in conservatory

Hassle free, Long lasting, Easy to clean, No slippy tiles, Value for money, Natural appearance, Strong and durable, Reliability, Resistance to corrosion, and Environment friendly.


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